Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Larkin has a little stuffed lamb that she named (and I quote)
"Baa baa black sheep have you any wool yes sir yes sir three bags full."

If you ask her what her sheep's name is she will recite the whole thing every time. And don't you worry, the sheep is white, not black.
So goofy!

Always Changing

Larkin's new favorite word is elegant. As in, "Mom, I like your elegant chair." or "Mom, I love your elegant ring."

Larkin is the queen of run-on sentences lately. After family prayers a few nights ago Larkin says, "Sometimes the songs just sneak out of my mouth while you are praying and you say 'shhh' and I have to try and tell my songs to stay inside until after you say amen, but they are too sneaky sometimes."

Larkin is going through a scaredy-cat phase. She calls everything and everyone she is afraid of a "Danger-Danger" and is convinced that the only ones who can get rid of Danger-Dangers are firefighters ... too bad no firefighters live at our house. It would be nice ... for so many reasons! :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feeling Set-Up

I sat in the rocker feeding the baby and heard a crash in the hallway, followed by a horrendous wail from Larkin. I listened on as the following conversation ensued:

Scot: "Did you fall down?"
Larkin: "No. I tripped."
Scot: "Oh man!"
Larkin: "That makes me feel SET-UP!"
... a pause ...
Scot: "Do you mean upset? That makes you feel upset?"
Larkin: (wailing again) "YES! I'm UPSET!"


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A few fun facts about Larkin as she gets ready to say goodbye to Two ...

A Band-owiee is what she calls a Band-aide

She can whistle ... I know right!?!

She loves to ask, "Why because mom? Why because?"

She loves to wear her fancy silver slippers everywhere, and will do almost anything I ask her if she can wear her "princess skirt" while she does it.

She is terrified of "monsters" and will cover her ears if she has to walk into a room by herself.

She calls her magic wand her "magic" skipping over the wand part altogether.

She can spend two hours in the bathtub if we let her. {sometimes multiple times in one day}

When she is looking for something, like a toy, or her shoes, she will say, "It has to be somewhere."

If you ask her what she wants to do, she will ALWAYS say, "paint!"

If you ask her how she's feeling, she will ALWAYS say, "Not good. My back hurts cause my baby's so big." {She even sticks out her tummy and holds her back for this declaration} She is such a little copycat! ;)

Her favorite book right now is a Nursery Rhyme book where I change all the nursery rhymes to have her name in them.

I cannot believe what a character Larkin is! She has me and Scot rolling with laughter every day!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Haircut ...

What is the difference between a haircut and a shortcut?

I guess it depends on who you are asking. Larkin asked me the other day, "Mom, you go to the salon to get a shortcut?" and whenever I pull out the clippers to cut Scot's hair she will declare, "You giving dad a shortcut."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Larkin asked me today, "Mom, you know how to save my life?"

I was a little shocked and unsure of how to answer her question. I told her, "Yes. I know how to save your life." and then I thought, 'as long as it is basic first aid or CPR we are talking about, and not curing cancer or an organ transplant.

My eyes filled with tears as I thanked my Heavenly Father for a healthy little girl who can run, and jump, and ask deep questions, and paint pictures, and sing, and dance, and make me absolutely insane at times.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


A few Larkinisms from this past week ...

"I'm starv-ed!" Not starving, not starved, but starv-ed. That's my growing girl. She says it with two syllables. It makes me smile every time she says it. When she is hungry she will say, "I have some food please?", and when I ask her what kind of food she wants she will put her finger on her lips and think for a moment before saying, "just food".

Last night we were driving to the store to pick up a few supplies for a project I'm working on. In the backseat Larkin was chatting away on her toy phone (which rings). Every time the phone would ring she would say, "My dingle-door is ringing!" Scot and I looked at each other and laughed so hard. I asked her, "Is your door bell ringing?" and she responded, "Yeah. My dingle-door is just ringing and ringing."